Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Supporting ‘Less-fortunate Others’

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Supporting ‘Less-fortunate Others’

I am writing in response to the opinion piece titled "Commentary: Helping Families Struggling to Make Ends Meet in Fairfax County” (Connection, November 20-26, 2019).

As this county is known for its high rank among the richest in the nation, it was pleasing to see awareness brought to the issue of wealth disparity and struggling families in Fairfax.

The rapid growth of industries generates peril for the working-class as individuals view their financial shortcomings as a personal problem rather than a public issue of a sick society. Responsively, the efforts of Cornerstones and Britepaths seemingly work to combat the negative consequences of inequality and economic instability that our capitalist system produces.

The reflecting words of client "Denise" brought an insight into the new feeling of hope provided by the extra allowance from EITC. This hope effectively propelled her and other recipients alike toward more rewarding opportunities and, eventually, upward mobility. Her comment that "conversations about social support programs are not hypothetical political statements; they are decisions that impact real people", really weighed on me. My wish for fellow readers is that they think back on how they might've undermined the experiences of "less-fortunate others" in the past.

Jessica Sarmiento