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Commentary: Congress Must Act to Stem Gun Violence Epidemic

Last week, America woke to what has become an all-too-common nightmare. A man driven by hate and armed with assault weapons carried out our nation’s worst mass shooting.

Potomac Letter: In Mourning

Letter to the Editor

The chairman, the board of directors and ordinary members of the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation strongly condemn the barbaric attack on innocent civilians in Orlando by an individual that claims to belong to our faith.

Arlington Letter: Benefits of Clean Energy

Letter to the Editor

In recent days, Governor McAuliffe has been receiving a lot of pressure to back down from his commitments to our climate and environment.

Arlington Letter: We Are One Community, One Nation

Letter to the Editor

Deeply disturbed by the Orlando massacre, I wanted to help the wounded, help those families, help that community, but I was feeling at a loss.

Editorial: Support for Police in Reforms

Police commission recommendations come to Board of Supervisors for approval, implementation.

In some ways, the Fairfax County Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission, brainchild of Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova, was a bit of a miracle.

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Arlington Letter: County, Schools Working Together

Letter to the Editor

Kudos to the School Board and County Board for taking time to consider the complex access and safety issues at the historic Stratford School site.

Alexandria Column: Sheltered vs Unsheltered

Homeless In Alexandria

The Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness in the City of Alexandria is a coalition of nonprofit service providers, affordable housing developers, faith communities and government agencies who collaborate daily to serve those who are homeless in our city.

Talk to Your Teens


So much at stake as teens approach graduation and summer.

Editorial: Remembering on Memorial Day 2016

Observe a moment of silence.

On Memorial Day, we remember all of those who have died in military service, more than 400,000 in World War II, more than 30,000 in Korea, more than 50,000 in Vietnam.

Commentary: Mosquitos, Zika and a Healthy Summer

Zika virus spreads through the bite of infected Aedes mosquito, a type present in Virginia in summer.

As warm weather returns and the last days of school draw near, I’m sure that, like me, you’re looking forward to spending a lot of time outdoors this summer.

Commentary: No Easy Answers to School Funding Challenge

After months of hard work and consideration of public feedback, the Board of Supervisors adopted its budget for 2017 late last month.

Commentary: Who is my neighbor?

You might be amazed to learn who around you was once homeless. It could be the person cleaning your teeth at the dentists’ office. Or the barista making your skinny latte.

Commentary: In Prom Season, Safety First

While we are all proud of our children for their accomplishments, especially those with graduation on the horizon, we must remember that safety is still the number one priority.

Editorial: In Search of Diversified Revenue

Fairfax County residents can expect to see meals tax question on November ballots.

The Meals Tax may be on Virginia ballots this November.

Commentary: Stop County’s ‘One Size Fits All’ Zoning Proposal

In the next few months, the Board of Supervisors plans to approve a “one size fits all” zoning ordinance amendment that would guide redevelopment throughout the urbanizing areas of the county for decades.