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Not Just a Tree; A Precedent in Arlington

Failure to save the dawn redwood: Lack of power or lack of political will?

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Noting Progress on ‘Women’s Issues’

Rape crisis hotline, rape kit reforms, and mental health services highlighted at summit.

Fair Housing in Arlington?

50 years of progress and setbacks.

With an Auditor’s Eye in Arlington

County seeks efficiency gains.

Commentary: Green for Medicaid

The most important vote I have ever taken.

Commentary: Decision Slows Transportation Progress

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Housing Goal Not Backed by Housing Commitment in Arlington

Meeting housing goal takes hard choices.

Commentary: Medicaid Expansion; It’s Time

Commentary: Supporting Health of all Virginians

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It’s Elementary in Arlington

Parents raise concerns about schools plan and budget cuts.

Opinion: Editorial: Expansion of Health Care in Virginia?

After years of hoping, it’s possible Medicaid expansion will come on April 11; say a prayer.

On Arlington School Budget’s Eve

Public petitions School Board for Montessori and arts funding.

Commentary: State Legislature Adjourns without a Budget