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Virtual or In-Person in Arlington

What should “back to school” look like during a pandemic?

Sept. 8, early October, November and now 2021.

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ArPets: Appreciating Our Pets this Thanksgiving

Local rescues are reporting that pet adoption is at an all-time high with more people working from home and looking for joy and companionship.

Election Officers in Arlington Protect the Votes

Action was slow at the community center because of early voting.

As precinct chief, Caroline Klam has been watching over elections in Arlington for a long time.

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Eagle Scout Project Meets Pandemic Challenge in Arlington

This year’s Eagle Scout project took a different spin with the advent of coronavirus.

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From Yorktown High School to Outer Space

Patrick Moran chosen as pilot for commercial space travel program

Patrick Moran is in his car headed for Spaceport America, New Mexico.

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ArPets: Meet Ariel: She Never Let the Diaper Get Her Down

If she ever had a family, we'll never know.

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Columbia Gardens Cemetery in Arlington is a Tree Sanctuary

Tree Stewards help label trees; some are ‘unusual.’

When a Tree Steward finishes the training course to become a steward, they are supposed to know how to identify a tree, in any season.

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Halloween Takes on a New Look in Arlington

Leftover heating pipe, plywood, bungee cords and a couple of hours, and you have a couple of Halloween treat chutes.

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An American Patriot Wants YOU to VOTE

Local Vietnam Vet is a strong proponent of voting as a duty.

”Soupy” (John) Tyler walked into Jim Moore’s barber last July and asked him if he’d be willing to make up a sign about voting, something that would inspire people to get out and vote, and he’d be glad to cover the costs.

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Joe’s Pizza in Arlington Gets a Neapolitan Makeover

Some shake their heads at the change in the Arlington tradition; others embrace it.

Vernon Walters used to go to Joe’s Pizza Place and sit alone at a table far from the front door and the arcade-style games that kept kids busy in the vestibule while their parents relaxed into the blue naugahyde banquettes.

Chamber to Induct the Late Erik Gutshall into Arlington Business Hall of Fame

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce says that the late Erik Gutshall is the 2020 inductee into the Arlington Business Hall of Fame.

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ArPets: Bossy Bilingual Bisou

Bossy Bilingual Bisou kept her from lockdown loneliness

It’s hard when you reach that time in your 30s where your friends are starting to settle down.

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Black Lives Matter Ride Showcases a Different Arlington History

Across Arlington, residents are working to relearn history.

Jim Moore was looking out his shop window on Saturday, Sept. 26, to catch the Black Lives Matter Ride that was supposed to come by his shop in Hall’s Hill.

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Upton Hill’s New Parking Lot Is Full of Cyclists

Park in transition serves young and old, but shade trees are gone.

On the Friday before the long Labor Day weekend, Tomás Weber, his sister Vera Weber, and their cousin, Jonathan Melo, and grandfather “Papí” (Elvis) were enjoying the smooth, unscathed new enlarged blacktop parking lot at the Upton Hill Regional Park, along with several other young cyclists who were reveling in the near empty lot so they could show off their bike riding skills.

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ArPets: Hogan Hovsepian

Deciding to get the dog was easy.