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Arlington Arts Center Selects New Executive Director

Holly Koons McCullough has been named the new executive director of the Arlington Arts Center (AAC). She brings more than 20 years of curatorial and administrative experience in the visual arts to AAC.

Arlington: Gearing Up for Bike to Work Day

Local cyclists share tips for new riders.

On May 20, expect to see more Arlington commuters leaving the cars in the garage. Annual “Bike to Work” day encourages commuters to try out a car-free lifestyle, and some of the local experts are ready with tips for new riders.

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Arlington: Task Force Votes To Keep Fire Station 8 at Current Site

Questions continue about how to improve response times.

Attendees at the penultimate meeting on Fire Station 8 shook their heads.

Arlington: Fire Station 8 Task Force Nears Decision

Task force will vote on options May 12.

The Fire Station 8 Task Force narrowed down its options during its meeting on April 26, and will now vote on May 12 to narrow the decision down to one proposal going forth to the County Board.

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Arlington Neighborhood Outlook: Along the Corridor

New retail and commercial spaces fill Rosslyn and Ballston.

Indoor-outdoor dining is the new trend, according to Rosslyn BID President Mary-Claire Burick.

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Arlington: Panel Discusses Reinstatement of Virginia Parole

U.S. tops world incarceration rates.

Al Schuman says "three strikes and you're out," instituted in 1995, was one of the biggest mistakes of the country. Twenty years ago, the Commonwealth adopted legislation to abolish discretionary parole and adopted the Truth-in-Sentencing (TIS), which required offenders to serve at least 85 percent of their sentences.

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Arlington: Resolve to Run Raises $11,500 for Emergency Needs

George Washington Parkway Classic effort proves successful.

Arlington Thrive was one of the many local safety net groups represented at the George Washington Parkway Classic race on Sunday April 24.

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Transitway Comes to Arlington

Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the launch of joint Arlington-Alexandria bus service.

“This is Arlington,” said Sandra Borden from the Crystal City Civic Association as she points across Glebe Road, “and over there, that’s Alexandria.”

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Arlington: Streetscape Improvements for Rosslyn

With a series of new furnishings, the streetscapes of Rosslyn might start to look a little more vibrant. Within this year, Lucia deCorde, president and urban design director of the Rosslyn BID, said that Rosslyn residents and visitors will begin to see wayfinding posts, informational stalls, new benches and vegetation along the sidewalks.

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Arlington County Acknowledges Fire Station Could Remain on Hall’s Hill Site

Other changes will have to occur for county response time to improve.

“After two years of saying the current site was not adequate for a bigger fire station on the Station 8 site, the county reversed its position and provided site drawings last week indicating the current site was feasible,” said Nancy Williams of the Old Dominion Civic Association. “It would be interesting to know why that took so long,” she said, “but the most important thing is that local citizens were able to get the county to go back review the facts, with a different result.”

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Arlington: Community Leaders and Muslims Discuss Islamophobia

Promoting more than just tolerance.

Nader Hasan remembers riding bikes through Shirlington with his cousin. The two of them grew up in the area and watched fireworks together from one of the nearby hills. But the two boys from Arlington grew up into very different men. When Major Nidal Hasan murdered 13 people in Fort Hood in 2009 as part of an attempt to spread fear and hate, it forced his cousin Nader Hasan to confront extremism on both sides of his community and his country.

Arlington: Haley Receives Training Grant

Wakefield High School French teacher, Susan Haley, was awarded a training grant from the French government to study for two weeks in Vichy, France.

Arlington: Station 8 Task Force Close to Consensus

Arlington to get subgroup results April 14.

There is optimism that consensus on the relocation or renovation of Fire Station 8 in High View Park is near, according to Alisa Cowen, one of the Task Force 8 members. Cowen said Task Force members had raised so many significant issues during their subgroup meetings that the issue, once fairly simple, became a complex “Pandora’s Box” of intersecting problems. That’s good news, according to Cowen, who thinks the outcome will be much more holistic for the community.

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First Responders Honored at 38th Annual Valor Awards

‘Ready for All Emergencies’

Technician Ryland Chapman and Lieutenant Lawrence Mullin with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department were preparing to return home from a deployment with Virginia Task Force 1 to earthquake-rocked Kathmandu, Nepal when another quake sent them back out for duty.

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Lawmakers Wrap-up Richmond Legislative Session

Unspent TANF grant money, prisoner rights among social issues discussed.

On average, low income families in Virginia who are eligible and sign up for funds from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant receive $269 monthly and are cut off after five years. But lawmakers say there’s a lot more unexpended money available in the federal grant that, if it remains unused, could one day be taken back.