Letter to the Editor: Historical Society’s Role in Arlington

Letter to the Editor: Historical Society’s Role in Arlington

I wish to commend “Arlington Connection” for the excellent article by Steve Hibbard (“Exploring Arlington History,” March 12-18) about efforts to capture and relate the history of Arlington County. The attention to the Arlington Historical Society (AHS), as well as the Center for Local History (CLH) at Central Library, the Black Heritage Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, and the County Office of Historical Preservation will benefit all Arlingtonians by letting them know what is going on and where to find out more about programs.

It is worth mentioning that the Arlington Heritage Center, originally intended as a “one-stop” introduction for visitors to Arlington, could become a reality if space were to be found in the planned County building that will be part of redeveloped Courthouse Square. This facility could house the AHS Museum, a Black Heritage Museum, a theater, local arts/crafts, and the Visitors and Convention Bureau, providing information about what to see, where to stay, and where to eat in Arlington. A major public-private partnership would be required to bring the Heritage Center to fruition, but it would be well worth the time, money, and effort required.

John P. Richardson

President, Arlington Historical Society