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Damon, a kind and thoughtful 14-year-old young man enjoys eating out, watching movies and going to the park. He has discovered rock-collecting and can identify many different kinds of rocks. Damon likes school; he is very energetic and loves sports, especially basketball, rollerblading and riding his bike. Damon is accustomed to living with cats and would likely adjust to being around dogs, though he is a bit more apprehensive of dogs. He is waiting for an adoptive home and genuinely desires the safety and comfort of a loving, committed family.


GeorgeAddy 2 years, 4 months ago

That would be acknowledging blog post here about the talented boy who had the great skills and good activities as well. The people who looking for adopting children and don’t have own kids they must visit"> website or place. Very best of luck to him for his bright future, he must become successful person in future.