County Manager Proposes $4.5 Billion 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan

County Manager Proposes $4.5 Billion 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan

Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz presented his proposed FY 2025–2034 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to the Arlington County Board on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. The proposal outlines $4.5 billion in investments for stormwater management and flood mitigation, environmental resilience, parks, transportation, community infrastructure, and more over the next 10 years.

"This CIP proposal aims to address current and future capital needs in Arlington County, ensuring we can be responsive to change through investments in resiliency and maintain financial flexibility,” said Schwartz. “We want to focus on key planned investments and ensure our existing assets and facilities are maintained, refurbished, and kept strong to benefit County residents and businesses long-term."

The CIP is the County’s 10-year plan for building, maintaining, upgrading, or replacing County facilities and infrastructure. It is prepared every two years, with any adopted general obligation bond referenda presented to voters in November of even numbered years, including this November.

The adopted FY 2023-2032 CIP saw a return to a traditional 10-year plan following a three-year CIP in FY 2022- FY 2024 and a one-year CIP in FY 2021, both adjusted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposed CIP was informed by more than 3,100 community members who weighed in on their top priorities for major infrastructure investments in streets, parks, and technology.

Guided by a measured approach, maintaining the County’s current asset inventory, meeting regional obligations, responding to emerging service demand, addressing environmental resiliency, and planning for the future – the proposed CIP focuses on investments to advance the County’s environmental and resiliency goals in nearly every area, including:

 $334 million to the Stormwater Fund, with approximately two-thirds designated for stormwater capacity and flood mitigation.

 $880 million to the Utility Fund with a focus on reinvestment in infrastructure, resiliency, and redundancy.

 $215 million for ART Fleet Replacement, ART Fleet Expansion, and transition of ART fleet and facilities to support Zero Emission Buses.

 $309 million to Parks and Recreation, including $10.6 million for Emerging Uses & Natural Resiliency Programs and $20.3 million for the Trail and Bridge Modernization Program.

 $398 million for Public Government Facilities, including $25.2 million for Energy Efficiency & Resiliency (e.g., EV Charging and the Lubber Run Resiliency Hub).

The CIP also includes investments in priority projects for the Arlington community, including Rosslyn Gateway Park, the Boathouse, Vision Zero street safety improvements, final Columbia Pike improvements, and creation of a situational awareness center for public safety and emergency preparedness.

Proposed 2024 Bond Referenda

In this proposal, the County Manager is seeking $174 million in new bonds to pay for many of the improvements planned in the CIP. The bond request will be put to Arlington County voters in a referendum in the upcoming November election, pending review and approval by the County Board.

The following items are proposed to be included in the referenda:

 Community Infrastructure: $76.2 million for projects and programs such as the Arlington Neighborhoods Program, Courts/Police building improvements, and other general County infrastructure projects

 Metro & Transportation: $72.4 million, which includes $44.3 million for Metro, $22.0 million for paving, and smaller amounts for various transportation maintenance needs

 Parks & Recreation: $25.8 million for construction of Drew Park, the Emerging Uses and Natural Resiliency programs, trail and bridge modernization, land acquisition and various park renovations and improvements

 Utilities: $14.2 million, primarily for the County’s capital contributions to the Washington Aqueduct and for various smaller water and sewer maintenance projects

Arlington Public Schools is also seeking voters’ input on its proposed $63-$78 million in new bonds, which will be incorporated into the County referenda after the school adopts their CIP later in June

Next Steps

The public will have several ways to learn more and provide input on the County Manager’s proposed CIP during a series of work sessions, followed by a Public Hearing with the County Board on July 10 at 7 p.m. An interactive project map will also be available on the County’s CIP page to track projects across the County.
See the full calendar of key dates with links to more information on the 
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