Ready, Set, Read

Ready, Set, Read

Summer reading adventure is underway.

Summer Adventure sign welcomes readers at the Aurora Hills Library on June 1.

Summer Adventure sign welcomes readers at the Aurora Hills Library on June 1.

The Arlington Library kicked off its summer reading adventure on Saturday, June 1 with fun activities, games and popsicles at the eight library locations.

The front yard at Westover Library is poppin’ with children, some clutching their newly checked-out books and others dripping with their free popsicle from King of Pops. Vivian Tsang, manning the popsicle stand said, “Of the seven flavors, the raspberry seems to be the most popular, probably because it’s pink. Cookies and cream is popular, too.” Tsang says she has allotted 100 pops for this location and then will be headed to three other library locations later in the day.

The summer reading challenge allows readers of all ages to enter the challenge and earn prizes  such as a free book or a voucher for two free tickets from select Nationals games. It requires reading for 21 days sometime during the summer. For super readers who read 42 days, there is a woodland stuffed animal or round of mini golf at Upton Regional Park. 

The Olson family sits on a bench outside Westover library with two-year-old Jackson and six-year-old Lisa enjoying their popsicles. Lisa has just signed up for the summer reading challenge. Max explains Lisa is in kindergarten and just started to read. “She can get a few pages on her own.” Lisa explains the books she likes are funny and exciting.  

Max offers like Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Six-year-old Claire and two-year old Emma Widdowson are sitting on the lawn dipping their nets into a pool of sand, mining for gold, one of the wild west activities offered at this library branch. Claire plucks out several shiny nuggets and adds them to her small cotton bag. “Make sure there are enough for the other kids,” her mother advises.  

Claire’s mother says both children have library cards. “Claire has been doing this for three years. We go to the library every week. We live right over there.” 

Claire says she is going to add her gold nuggets to her gem bag at home. “I got gems for Christmas.” 

It is only 10:30 a.m. and Claire’s mother says they have already had swim practice, a soccer game, and friends are coming over later.

Elliott Moosari is working on his cookies and cream popsicle trying to decide what to do. His father is holding a couple of dinosaur books. “Elliott doesn’t have a library card yet but his mother does.”

Further away on the lawn Alex Sapunor, age four, is tossing bean bags into a corn hole opening. He is determined, and he tosses over and over until he can get two out of three tosses successfully into the hole. 

Register for the summer reading adventure in the Arlington Public Library app or pick up a reading log at any library location to record your reading.