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Cost of Conservation in Arlington

$5.5 million awarded for neighborhood conservation projects.

Fatal Police Shooting on I-395

Centreville native and small-business owner killed after injuring police officer.

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Stuck in the Middle in Arlington

33 households to be permanently relocated in Westover neighborhood.

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Comeback King in Arlington

Gutshall and O’Grady win Democratic nomination for County Board and endorsement for School Board.

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Who’s a Good Boy in Arlington?

Arlington’s dogs come together for walk and fundraiser.

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Fully Funded in Arlington

Arlington Public Schools’ budget focuses on enrollment growth and staff pay increase.

Democrats Face Off in Arlington

One week until Democratic caucus for vacant County Board seat.

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Fight or Flight in Arlington

Local airport workers win pay raise.

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Buried Alive in Arlington?

A look at hoarding in the wake of fatality

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Arlington's Mr. Schwartz Goes to Washington

County manager says local social programs are on Federal Budget chopping block.

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Ballad of the Arlington County Budget

Arlingtonians divided over tax rate increase.

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Incentivize Arlington

Inside the incentive network bringing new businesses to Arlington.

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Return of Thomas Jefferson ES

Planning Commission to consider new elementary school’s design.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears

County constricts exotic animal regulations.

Witness Protection

Spate of witness intimidations and a murder could result in new Witness Protection Program.

Officials looking into possible witness protection program

Preview for New Arlington Fees and Tax Rates

Fee increases for fire department inspections and substance abuse treatment while County Board considers pay raise.

A homeowner in Arlington in need of a fire department inspection for his business and seeking treatment for substance abuse will be the most impacted by the new fiscal year 2018 fees.

Road Work Ahead

New transportation projects under construction over the next six months.

Arlington transportation improvements

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Last Call: Carpool in Ballston winds down towards an April closing.

For many of the bar’s patrons, Carpool is the last bastion of the Ballston that was.

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Hidden Valley: Long neglected Four Mile Run reimagined and redeveloped.

S Four Mile Run Drive is not the prettiest view in Arlington.

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Bolstering Hope in Arlington

Yoga and Beer fundraiser scheduled to help local girl fighting rare genetic disease.

Ellie McGinn is horse crazy. Like many 8-year olds, she loves all animals, but horses are her favorite.

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What’s New in Arlington?

A look at recent retail and restaurant additions to Rosslyn, Ballston and Crystal City.

Every month in Arlington, stores and restaurants close their doors for the last time while others down the street open for the first time.

Democrat Disunity

Alexandria Democrats unite to support ACA, but Warner draws fire for amendment vote.

As Republicans in Congress begin the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more than 100 citizens from throughout the region rallied on Jan. 15 at the Charles Houston Recreation Center in support of affordable healthcare.

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Arlington Democrats Unite to Support ACA, but Warner Draws Fire for Amendment Vote.

Democratic Disunity

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the number of uninsured Virginians has fallen by 31 percent.

Key Bridge Being Repaired

Work is underway on repairs to the Key Bridge connecting Rosslyn to Georgetown.

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Breakfast After the Bell in Arlington

Minor change to morning meal makes major difference in Arlington school.

Tina Oxendine wasn’t sure about the new breakfast program.

Fisette Elected Arlington Board Chair

For the fifth time in his 19 years on the County Board, Jay Fisette was unanimously elected County Board chair.

Arlington Hotline Yields Leads, No Evidence of Fraud

In 2015, Arlington County’s Waste, Fraud and Abuse Hotline was opened to allow employees to confidentially report potential cases of financial malfeasance.

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Who Spots the Spotters in Arlington?

County Board approves predatory towing reforms.

The Arlington County Board voted unanimously at its Dec. 13 meeting to approve new measures aimed at curtailing predatory towing practices in Arlington.

For Rent in Arlington County

Airbnb and homesharing legalized

If looking for a place to stay in Arlington this weekend, there are at least 108 rooms available on Airbnb.

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Candyland in Arlington

Families build gingerbread houses together at Arlington County event.

Sometimes, families need a chance to unwind.

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What’s New in Ballston?

Parks, Robberies, and Lingering Specter of Ballston’s Founding Father Haunt Civic Association Meeting.

Nearly 50 people crammed into a room at The Jefferson Hotel in Virginia Square designed to fit no more than 30.

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The Extra Mile in Arlington

The Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation hosts second Memorial 5k Run

At last year’s race, Neal Lawson said he was so caught up in the event that he never had a moment to let the day’s events soak in.

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Refugees Gather in Arlington to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Ethiopian Community Development Council hosts “Refugees’ First Thanksgiving.”

Arabic. Amharic. Burmese. Spanish. There were dozens of languages spoken from the nearly 200 people at the “Refugees’ First Thanksgiving” dinner.

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Despite County’s Voters, It’s President Trump

Democrats re-elect Beyer but lose the country.

Unofficial Election Results As of Monday, Nov. 14

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Aging in Arlington

Residents share struggles of the elderly in region.

The Legislative Forum on Aging was themed as a fireside chat with the elected representatives, something Carol Downs, chair of the Northern Virginia Aging Network (NVAN), joked she could remember.

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Northern Virginia: Bumpy road ahead for Capital Bikeshare expansion in Northern Virginia.

It takes a little over two hours to bike from downtown Washington D.C. to Reston. For the Capital Bikeshare, it’s a trip that’s taken six years.

County Notebook

Board Loosens Signage Restrictions; Hearings on Ballston Graveyard

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Shifting Gears

Bumpy road ahead for Capital Bikeshare expansion in Northern Virginia.

It takes a little over two hours to bike from downtown Washington D.C. to the Reston. For the Capital Bikeshare, it’s a trip that’s taken six years.

Carnival of Barkers

Local businesses came together to give Shirlington dogs a special day and to help out dogs across the region.

Things That Go Bump in the County

Center for Local History explores local folklore and hauntings.

Deep in the Arlington Center for Local History are a set of files.

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Inbound Traffic

Looming noise mitigation and traffic overflow concerns haunt I-395 project.

The I-395 extension is here. As the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) gets closer to the project’s start in spring, 2017, outreach has started to the affected communities near the road and to the County Board.

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Arlington: The Unconventional Race

8th District election pits Beyer against Hernick.

While the nation chooses between two Presidential candidates of extreme political and temperamental differences, voters in Virginia’s 8th District face a different kind of decision. As Democratic U.S. Rep. Don Beyer runs for reelection, he faces opposition from an un-Trump-like Republican candidate. Republican candidate Charles Hernick meets at Commonwealth Joe’s, a coffee shop in Pentagon City so new it hasn’t even had its official opening. It’s populated almost exclusively by millennials, and Hernick fits right in. When asked about the political issues that matter to them, the students and baristas at Commonwealth Joe’s all answer that climate change and combating student debt are their key voting issues. It’s a liberal atmosphere, but that doesn’t stop Hernick from trying to win them over.

Arlington: Generations of the Bean

Arlington entrepreneurs quit their day jobs to launch coffee shop.

For many people, coffee is a utility. It's a necessary pick-me-up to get through the long work day. That's how Chase Damiano saw coffee until he met Robbie Peck. For Peck, coffee was something more. It was an art. More than just a stimulant, for Peck, every cup of coffee is a blend of carefully selected scents and tastes. When their coffee shop, Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters, has its grand opening Saturday, Oct. 22, Peck and Damiano hope to change how Arlington County sees coffee.

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Arlington: Generations of the Bean

Arlington entrepreneurs quit their day jobs to launch coffee shop.

For many people, coffee is a utility. It's a necessary pick-me-up to get through the long work day. That's how Chase Damiano saw coffee until he met Robbie Peck.

Arlington: Clement Challenges Garvey

Garvey faces longshot opposition from Clement.

The odds are not good for Audrey Clement. In November, Clement is the sole opposition to Libby Garvey, the incumbent County Board chair.

Arlington: Board Adds 68 Units of Affordable Housing

The Arlington County Board solved two problems with one $10 million loan.

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Arlington: Fire Station 10 Finds Its Temporary Home

After a summer of study, County Board stands by Wilson site selection.

The Arlington County Board launched into its 2016-2017 year with one of the most contentious issues in the county: the selection of a location for Fire Station 10. While the permanent fire station is under construction as part of the West Rosslyn Area Plan, a temporary fire station will have to be located on a nearby parcel. At the Sept. 24 County Board meeting, the board voted unanimously to place the temporary Fire Station 10 on the recreation field for a nearby school.

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Basics of Arlington Affordable Housing

A look Arlington County’s efforts to preserve its affordable housing.

Since 2000, Arlington County has lost more market-rate affordable housing than it currently has.

Arlington: Responding to Hepatitis A Outbreak

Exposures have ended, but symptoms may still manifest.

Anyone who dined at a Tropical Smoothie Cafe around Aug. 9 may still be at risk for Hepatitis A. According to the Virginia Department of Health, a Hepatitis A outbreak has been traced to imported strawberries served at Tropical Smoothie Cafes. As of Sept. 2, there have been 37 cases in Northern Virginia, but experts say that number could still rise.