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Marching in the Heat

Climate Change March

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Help Halt Gerrymandering in Virginia

Rip Sullivan speaks out against GOP manipulation of voter districts.

Retirement? Arlingtonians Are Busier than Ever

Doing what one wants.

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Arlington Author Writes Book about Hemingway as Soviet Spy

American intelligence officer combines historian’s skills in creating best-seller.

Parents: More Psychiatric Beds Needed at VHC

Hearing on April 3 will address VHC request for property acquisition and additional beds.

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Giving Parents an Educational Alternative in Arlington

The Sycamore School to open July 1.

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World Language Day Showcases Student's Skills

World Language Day

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Cold Treat

Wes Oscar Sachar, Lucille Elizabeth Scogna, and Eva Grace Sachar didn’t think it was too cold for ice cream on Sunday, even though it was cold enough for parkas and hats outside Toby’s Ice Cream shop in Westover.

WofA Meeting Draws Motivated Crowd

General Assembly election called first referendum on President Trump's policies.

There are 12 #Indivisible groups that have formed to date in Arlington, of which WofA is one of the largest with almost 1,000 members.

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Celebrating Heritage at Drew Community Center

Exhbits include little known accomplishments in Black history.

Who was Charles Drew?

Black Lives Matter Banner Removed at Yorktown

School Board and administrators refer to “safety first” as rationale for removing banner.

Yorktown High School administrators asked African-American students who had put up a #Black Lives Matter (BLM) banner to take it down on Thursday, Feb. 8, according to William Lomax, assistant principal at Yorktown High School.

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Caring For Trees

Tree stewards

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A Night to Remember in Arlington

School Board promises action as they hear some students do not feel safe.

They walked to the podium: black, white, Latino, student, teacher, parent. They talked about two signs: one saying “Black Lives Matter,” the other saying, “Patriots know: science is real, facts are not political, women’s rights are human rights, we are all immigrants, diversity strengthens us, justice is for all, kindness is everything.”

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Arlington’s One and Only Bombay Masala Hound

“Lady” was a Bombay Masala Hound. Don’t go looking for that in any dog breed book.

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A Record Year for Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Association of the National Capital Region honors its supporters.

Megan Newman told her story at the Alzheimer’s Association “Wall of Hope” reception at Tysons Corner on Feb. 9. She was only 18, a senior in high school, when her mother started to ask the same question more than once.

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Learning To Make a Difference

High school juniors attend Civitan conference.

Ever wondered about the blue sign on North Quincy Street near the Washington-Lee High School in Arlington which says “I-66 Civitan Garage Sale”?

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Tree Stewards Gather to Celebrate New Year

For a Tree Steward, having fun while protecting local trees is important.

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Arlington Democrats Mobilize Under Slogan ‘One of Many’

The Arlington Democratic Committee enjoined Arlington residents to join fellow Virginians in a Weekend of Action coinciding with Inauguration Weekend and the Women's March.

Resistance, the Arlington Way: Logistics for the Women’s March on Washington

Resistance, the Arlington Way: Logistics for the Women’s March on Washington

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Arlington Delegation Gets Earful

Residents recommend issues to address in new legislative session.

State Del. Patrick Hope (D-47) told a crowd of roughly 70 Arlington residents on Jan. 5 that he and his colleagues took the comments and feedback from residents provided at meetings like this seriously, and would incorporate the comments into their work at the short session of the General Assembly which begins Wednesday.

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ACC’s Arlington Tech Creates Love of Learning

Students report newfound self-confidence and purpose.

Arlington Tech feels more like a Maker’s Studio than a high school.

Arlington’s Career Center Builds Success, Sensitivity

Many students report newfound self-confidence and purpose.

Carmen is from El Salvador. She is 21 years old. Five years ago, she arrived in the United States because her mother sponsored her to come.

Seeing Red in Arlington

In November, Arlington voted blue but the country trended red.

In November, Arlington voted blue but the country trended red.

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Open Studios with Arlington Painter

Arlington painter Sue Grace showed several of her works at the Annual Holiday Open Studios on Sunday, Dec. 4.

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Arlington’s Jake McGuire’s ‘Little Book That Could’

Local photographer is marketing his book during transition year.

Jake McGuire, wearing Irish tweed, a colorfully striped tie, and pocket handkerchief, is a self-confessed opportunist; he is a man who sees possibilities everywhere.

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Gift Ideas from Saturday Farmer’s and Flea Markets

Flea market is starting to look a little like Paris.

The Arlington flea market, outside the Courthouse cinema, near the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings, has grown up.

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Arlington: Views from Voters

Local political activists stand for hours at polling stations to greet voters.

They can’t vote yet, but when they can, there are three young Arlington residents who are going to know what their candidates stand for and fill in their ballots accordingly.

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Runner Discovers Ups and Downs in Arlington

Phillippe Remen sponsored by Arlington-Reims Sister City program.

For Philippe Remen, of Reims, France, if he was going to run a first marathon in the U.S. he would have a better support network here than for example in New York City, which is normally the preferred “first U.S. marathon” for foreigners.

Football, Friends, French: Getting Immersed in Arlington

Sharing in each other’s cultural perspectives.

There were three French girls at the Yorktown Homecoming game. The only problem was, they had no idea what was happening on the field

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Exchange with French Lycee Dispels Stereotypes

Broadening their education

When they had a reception/picnic at the Iwo Jima Memorial, the parents, teachers, and youths taking part in the exchange between Lycée Marc Chagall in Reims, France and the four Arlington high schools were at ease with each other.

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Arlington: What a Dump

Arlington recycling event makes junk work for charities.

This E-Care recycling event, which takes place twice a year in Arlington, provides the opportunity to get rid of hazardous household material, trash or junk that cannot be put in the garbage, but also accepts things like eyeglasses, shoes, bikes, and other items which would work in another country.

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Arlington: An Oasis for Uninsured Working People

Annual gala is main source of funding for non-profit Arlington Free Clinic.

The last person you expect to see at the Arlington Free Clinic is your own family doctor. But he’s there, volunteering his time to work with Arlington’s uninsured. It is one of the main tenets of the Arlington Free Clinic (AFC): This isn’t just health care for the people who can’t afford doctors, or free health care that is “good enough” — It’s premium medical care. The doctor knows you by name, or knew you when you had your first child and is now coaching you through breast cancer.

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Arlington: Running for Fun and for Neighbors

Arlington Turkey Trot kick-off party will start the season.

What’s more fun than running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day? Going to the kick-off party for the Turkey Trot at the Crystal City Sports Pub on Oct. 19, according to Turkey Trot Director Mark Riley.

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Arlington Snapshot: Thriving on ‘Boots, Bingo, and Barbecue’

Arlington Thrive's first “Boots, Bingo, and Barbecue” took place on Saturday, Sept. 24, and families enjoyed the event, playing Bingo, eating barbecue, and dancing. National Honor Society members from Wakefield, Washington and Lee, and Yorktown high schools helped out at the event.

Arlington Thrive Offers Fun to Raise Funds

Barbecue needs locals to attend fall fundraiser.

Denise Hlavaty had gone to school or worked her entire adult life. She worked for 9 years at a social services job in Minnesota. She moved to Arlington after her boyfriend was killed serving in the U.S. military in Iraq: she had to grieve, and it would be easier to visit his grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Arlington: Fire Station 8 Will Remain on Lee Highway Site

County Board votes 4-1 to keep station where it is, praising task force efforts.

Marguerite Reed Gooden could not conceal her delight at the comments of County Board Member Christian Dorsey during the County Board vote on 19 June. Dorsey said he was voting to keep the Fire Station 8 where it is, rebuilding on the site, rather than relocating the fire station further north.

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Arlington: Residents Express Frustrations over Process

Public commentary voiced on Saturday, July 16, about the county’s plan to put a temporary Fire Station 10 on the Wilson School/HB Woodlawn playing fields reflected common themes heard around North Arlington last week.

Arlington: What’s the Hurry? Where’s the Fire?

Questions raised by Task Force on Station 8 still need to be resolved.

Betsy Forinash, Richard Lolich, and Alexandra Bocian and other North Arlington residents believe Arlington County Deputy Manager Jim Schwartz must have some other agenda for pushing the relocation of Fire Station 8 from Hall’s Hill to Old Dominion and 26th Streets, because if he had read the report of the FS#8 Task Force, he’d know that doesn’t make sense. The tenor of citizens’ remarks rose last week when word leaked out that the county was leaning towards the Old Dominion site because it was said to be more cost effective.

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Arlington: Neighbors, Colleagues Honor Firefighters of Hall’s Hill

Reunion of firefighters, families, and neighbors was tribute to early firefighters.

“How did I keep up a positive attitude despite segregation? I believe most of us wanted to prove that we were as good or better than the other firefighters in the county,” said Hartman Reed.

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Arlington: Marymount Farmers Market Opens

The Marymount Farmers Market opened despite a steady rain on Saturday, May 21.

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Arlington: Foster Parents Celebrated at Gala Dinner

Foster parents were hesitant at first, now committed.

One of the attendees asked an honoree at the May 16 gala dinner for foster parents how long she and her husband had been foster parents.

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Arlington: Task Force Votes To Keep Fire Station 8 at Current Site

Questions continue about how to improve response times.

Attendees at the penultimate meeting on Fire Station 8 shook their heads.

Arlington: Fire Station 8 Task Force Nears Decision

Task force will vote on options May 12.

The Fire Station 8 Task Force narrowed down its options during its meeting on April 26, and will now vote on May 12 to narrow the decision down to one proposal going forth to the County Board.

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Arlington: New Owner-Chef Leads La Côte d’Or

Attention to culinary detail.

La Côte d’Or, on the border of Falls Church and Arlington, has a new owner. The restaurant was purchased in February by Chef Jacques Imperato.

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Two Arlington Foster Parents Advise: ‘Just do it’

Recalling the challenges and joys.

Scott and Marcy Burka are Arlington's Foster Parents of the Year. In addition to their three birth children, they’ve provided five long-term placements, including two sibling groups of three. Scott Burka works in real estate and Marcy Burka is an accountant.

Arlington Brief: Honoring Original Fire Station 8 Firefighters

The John M. Langston Citizens’ Association of Hall’s Hill - Highview Park in Arlington will be commemorating “the heroism of the original 14 Negro firefighters who served in Fire Station 8.”

Arlington: Chef Introduces New Lineup of Nats-inspired Ice Creams

Arlington Chef Katie Gilman, owner of Taste - Inventive Food by Katie Gilman - a carry-out restaurant and catering business, has created a lineup of Nats-inspired ice creams as part of her concept of “perfect scoops” of ice cream.

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Arlington: Virginia Cancer Specialists Honored

VCS provides pro bono care for Arlington Free Clinic patients.

Maria, a middle-aged El Salvadoran woman, was upset. She had been referred to Arlington Free Clinic (AFC) after being seen in the emergency room for internal bleeding. Maria came to her appointment at AFC with a stack of bills from the hospital, which she could not sort out.