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Lawmakers Wrap-up Richmond Legislative Session

Unspent TANF grant money, prisoner rights among social issues discussed.

On average, low income families in Virginia who are eligible and sign up for funds from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant receive $269 monthly and are cut off after five years. But lawmakers say there’s a lot more unexpended money available in the federal grant that, if it remains unused, could one day be taken back.

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Arlington County Board To Consider Rosslyn Redevelopment Plan

Rezoning and phased development to be reviewed.

The aging Rosslyn Plaza Park could be undergoing a massive overhaul after the upcoming March 12 County Board meeting.

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Arlington: High-Occupancy Discussion

Arlingtonians share concerns about upcoming I-66 expansion.

After a year of meetings and hearings, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is beginning to move into the final phase of outreach for the I-66 transformation projects. At a regional level, most of the criticism was centered around the new tolling and extended High Occupancy Vehicle restrictions. For Arlington, the concerns are a little different.

Arlington: County Board Clashes Over Playground Construction

If there’s one place in Arlington where you're likely to see more arguments than at a playground, it's the County Board. An argument between neighborhood residents against their civic association and the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee escalated to a disagreement between members of the County Board, but one that ended with unanimous approval.

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Arlington: Minding the Budget Gap

Quick look at the Arlington County Schools budget.

Arlington County has a revenue sharing agreement with the school system, where the schools automatically receive 46.5 percent of the local taxes revenue.

Arlington: Draft Childcare Regulations Withdrawn

Controversy forces County Board to reconsider regulations.

The Arlington County Board on Feb. 23 pulled draft revisions of Chapter 52 child care regulations from the public comment website after voluminous comments, "some quite pointed," had been received criticizing a number of the draft provisions.

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Report: Striking Increase in Arlington Residents Seeking Assistance

Arlington safety-net report draws crowd.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 17,000 Arlington residents are living at or below the Federal poverty level of $24,250 for a household of four.

Editorial: Bad Bills

General Assembly has potential to do lots of damage in a short period.

From pressing for use of a barbaric form of execution, the electric chair, to codifying discrimination, to stripping localities of the major tool for ensuring infrastructure is in place for new development, to hiding more and more critical public information from the public, the Virginia General Assembly is poised to do harm to the Commonwealth.

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Oil Spill Reaches Roaches Run, Potomac

Dominion Power working on remediation.

The unraveling of the oil sheen mystery on the Potomac River took Federal, state and Arlington County officials, the Coast Guard, multiple lab tests and days of speculation.

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Arlington: Completing the Street

Public feedback potentially left on the roadside.

How’s your sidewalk? If you live near a road where there’s no sidewalk on either side of the street, or the sidewalk is incomplete, your street might be be receiving a makeover courtesy of Arlington County. The new Neighborhood Complete Streets Program, approved by the County Board at its Jan. 28 meeting, could have a radical impact on the lives of some Arlingtonians.

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Arlington: Consultants Unveil Draft Plan for Lee Highway

Residents indicate approval of direction but concern about unintended consequences.

The concepts of “Complete Streets,” “New Urbanism,” pop up parks, and TDR’s were new to many of the 183 residents gathered at Yorktown High School on Saturday, Feb. 6.

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Arlington: Gondola Project Gets Off the Ground

Board approves feasibility study for Rosslyn-Georgetown Gondola.

It's crazy enough that it just might work.

Arlington: Beyer Reviews His Work in Congress

And gains Republican opponent in Mike Webb.

It’s been a little over a year since U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-8) took office, and both the first term congressman and his political opposition have been busy in that time.

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Arlington: Residents, County Officials Tour Local Park

Local residents and county officials tour area around Jennie Dean Park.

From dog walkers to day laborers, artists to auto shops, there’s much packed into the area around Jennie Dean Park. The area’s small enough in size that the Arlington County Board and representatives of the local civic federation were able to walk the entire perimeter on Jan. 10, but big enough in interest that each board member was accompanied by nearly a dozen local citizens.

Arlington Brief: County, Hospital Negotiating

The Arlington County Board approved last month an agreement to grant Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) an option to purchase county-owned land. This agreement, reached at the board’s December meeting, will allow VHC to expand onto 5.5 acres.